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try the DEA for drug war crimes

Posted by motorcycle messiah on December 27, 2013 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0) please sign and circulate this pettion for human rights for addicts

200 dollar fine for being poor.

Posted by motorcycle messiah on February 9, 2011 at 8:06 AM Comments comments (0)

this is the fine i got because they wont change my bail to the city were i now have to live because those mongrels in chemical operations made me homless again and likew the other two times they made me homless i was innocent .well i am fucking suing them this time .so look at my fine that will take half a year to pay of and smile it goes on the end of the other 38 years worth i have already .

more dirty trick from those that get their plesure from the tears of others

Posted by motorcycle messiah on January 4, 2011 at 3:59 PM Comments comments (0)

well i copied the embed code from my pettion to try the D.E.A FOR WAR CRIMES AND IT WONT INSTALL BECAUSE I CAN'T INSTALL JAVA TO MY SITE DESPITE THREE ATTEMPTS AT LEAST TONITE .when people realize that what i say is easily proven by computer records they will eventually call for an investigation in to these gross and despicable violations of my human rights .well since chemical operations got manipulated into including references to my web site in its brief of evidence this will be raised in the public areana .and if i die before then everyone should demand the most exacting autopsy of my bodie as they have been doing low mongrel acts to me for so long .that their will be plenty of evidence that they have had me given toxic things on quite a few occasions .its just bad luck for them you can't poison a zombie, they are allready dead..

police corruption

Posted by motorcycle messiah on December 13, 2010 at 7:07 AM Comments comments (2)

I have just wasted more hours of my life trying to report the hacking of my computer to crime stoppers .the wouldent acssept my report as they said i never filled in the code at the bottom of the page .i had done this five times before giving up they do this to me all the time and our politicians ignore my e mail if it ever really leaves this computer this is the most horrific abuse of human rights possible they intend to make a mass murderter out of me by continually deniying me my freedom of speech .so i will say something in anger they can jail me for they are all a pack of weak manipulative cowards to play such a dirty game on an honest man.they don't have a concience between them .that much is obvious .

how i saw the light

Posted by motorcycle messiah on September 29, 2010 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

why would a former high profile speed dealer .renounce his profession ,to live in poverty and in withdrawal for most of his life just to write for web sites to scarp drug laws that he made good drug money out of.I fucking ask myself the same question i must have rocks in my head is all i can say .Oh and something strange happened to me when i was dealing ,which i will share with you and maybe you will see that at least five attempts on my life have not in the slightest slowed down my determination to stop the drug laws .i was dealing to a hooker friend of mine i used to call Mary Lou and out were she lived at Barton estates .AT st Leonards selling her some speed one easter about nine years ago she introduced me to another young worker a nineteen year old called jasmine who sought my advice about shooting up heroin as she was chasing the dragon at the time but thinking of going to the needle as it would be cheaper i showed her my track marks and said it would be a huge mistake she then asked me which of two brothels she should work for i said i didn't know as i have never had a prostitute on moral grounds but since she was so young didn't she consider doing a couple of different jobs before she settled on one .i still cry sometimes when i remember her answer "i have been doing it since i was nine to support my mothers heroin addiction"she said casually i was shocked to learn the real price paid by innocents by us supporting drug laws that had this as an obvious consequence when you think about it but i never had before like everyone else hadn't .well when i left walking towards the train station i saw an Indian holy man doing the invocation to the sun and i knew we were fated to have a enlightened conversation.As i got close to him he asked me how i was celebrating Anzac day i said i wasn't as i don't believe in war .He  then asked how did i celebrate easter i said i didn't as i didn't believe in god ,he seemed supprized at my answer and saId really so i said i had my own theory. Which he asked to hear .Well i  have a distinct memory that could be embryonic but i think it mat predate that by a couple of billion years of a sense of floating in blackness and an expectancy of something but no idea of what . I  think god whose name is i AM IN MANY CULTURES was that memory and he exploded into the big bang in order to view himself from different perspectives and he set gravitational limits on his ultimate expansion so he would not dissipate and die of entropy.and mater and energy are interchangeable like time and space but all can be converted back into what they were formed from and that was intelligence He just thought out the principals for his universe and it existed in the time frame we have found it in, and therefore life is all the universe is even trees rocks and animals posses the ability of some level of thought as that is all they are ultimately .the holy man said to me you are very wise you must have suffered much. To which i rolled up my sleeves showing my heavily tattooed arms with their bleached out track marks running up and down them and said i am the motorcycle messiah. I have been crucified by my own hand thousands of times and said good bye to him .Well as i did that i knew I could now never give up amphetamine the drug i am addicted to as the real horror of drugs.Hhad been given to me that week end and knowing that if I gave up drugs I might want to run, and hide from it and forget I had ever known the real truth, about drugs so i swore a vow to all things holy and unholy that as long as i drew breath.I would fight to the death to stop the drug laws and the misery and suffering they cause. As i could never like myself if i could under any circumstances turn my back on little children. Who are being exploited because we deny drugs to people who will do any thing to get them. We are all as guilty as her for her selling her daughter because we did nothing to stop these evil laws that force addicts into lives of crime and prostitution. All for the crime of suffering the illness of addiction. One their is no cure for only punishment ostracism poverty and hatred from the rest of society .That are all only too happy to exploit us addicts whose exploitation is responsibly for 40%of the populations employment..So behold i stand at the door and knock. regards the motorcycle messiah.

fighting back in the drug war

Posted by motorcycle messiah on September 20, 2010 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (3)

for a long time now i have been fighting back in this infernal drug war and i am now in debt for the next 37 years at the rate of 12 dollars a week i am paying my fines of at .This is a constant source of entertainment to me as i am hated by the police who continually give me fines that i will never live long enough to pay i find it hard to suppress a smile when they reach for their fine book to give me a ticket.Little realizing that they are the only one being inconvenienced from the experience because of their past persecution of me.  I now smoke where and when i like park were i like and blatantly ignore any laws i believe to be silly if they are only fine-able offenses i have now an ambition to set the Guinness book of world records for the most fines ever.I am sure to enjoy the fullest of support from my fans in the police force.regards the motorcycle messiah